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Color Directions for Fall/Winter 2015By Roseann Forde, owner, Fordecasting
Swatches below are Madeira color numbers that match the color forecast for Fall/Winter 2015



"And now I see the light coming to me, coming through me - giving me a second sight…"  

- Cat Stevens

The warm glow of a candle lit room flatters our faces as well as our surroundings. These are the perfect hues for classic Fall clothing: sweaters, jackets and coats. Terra Cotta, Paprika, Copper and Grizzly Bear paired with soft Buckskin and Cocoa lend a newer, prettier approach to classic earth tones.  Lush Cranberry provides the perfect accent. 


These cool, lustrous tints and shades take their cue from the lingering light at day's
end as it fades and gives way to the deep, mysterious night sky. The neutralized
sensibility of this range of colors runs the gamut from enriched lustrous darks
to pale, grayed lavenders. This somewhat ambiguous palette lends itself to every day
sportswear, as well as special occasion dressing. Note the importance of purple family colors.

Dazzling bright footlights heighten the thrill of theatrical spectacles.  These versatile and off-beat primaries are anchored by Army Green and Charcoal gray (the most relevant neutral for
yet another season).  Autumnal Pumpkin Spice shines brighter than ever (we like the way it
pairs with gray, brown or ebony). Deepened shades of red make a comeback in Sangria.

Cool greens, blues and taupe tones align unexpectedly with a hazy tint of Powder Pink.  
This unique palette offers unmistakable color and neutrality at the same time. The overall
feeling is upscale as it features hues that are suitable for both classic and trendy dressing.

As the global fashion director of women´s and men´s apparel for Invista (formerly DuPont), Roseann Forde researched trends at the retail level and attended runway shows and fabric fairs on both sides of the Atlantic. Every Spring and Fall, major color, fabric and silhouette forecasts were developed and presented by Roseann to the apparel, home and retail trades throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has worked with textile mills to assist them in the development of new fabrics and color palettes. Roseann’s colors are the official palette of the Direction show, held in New York three times a year. Roseann has acted in an advisory capacity to the National Football League, the automotive industry and to major retailers and apparel manufacturers throughout the country. Contact her via email at Roseannforde@aol.com.